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K-Chan / Nov 11, 2015

Well guys Diadem is very new to us all but this is what we know so far.

Hard unlocked from S21/22 - maybe others?

Can get 210 from normal mode

Mobs do respawn

"Fresh Tracks" can spawn higher rank mobs - we got Vs and S ranks

Fuck those cloud pelicans

S rank spawn message is global across the zone

Shared loot - multiple parties can get (individual to their party) treasure chests from the same boss

Can get multiple drops outta gold chests, though the quality varies

Unwanted aetherial gear traded to Trader npc @ 8,18

i150 = 1 brass spoil, i180 = 2, 210 = 3

T4 materia 15 spoils, T5 battle materia 48

If you're missing the exploration achieve, fly over each landing zone (red dot on map), they have tiny patches of fog of
war which is easily missable

new mat Sphalerite on Mining node is L60 1*

Completing (normal mode) 3 objectives got us 40 eso.

easy to cheese the Pure White objective, just aggro surrounding mobs while flying, have someone ninja it.



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