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Halloween Event was a Great hit

K-Chan / Nov 01, 2015
Hello, thank you everyone that was a lot of fun I will have a video up tomorrow hopefully, congrats to our 3 winners.

Please don't forget there is a screenshot contest on at the moment running until nov 10th if you would like to be apart of the contest please post a screenshot HERE, The winner will get 150k gil


In other news warriors of darkness recently went to a cosplay event held by the FCU and I have just posted the video in my forum channel HERE under the ffxiv section. but for thos lazy peeps haha ill link it as a watchable video.
Luffy 0:30
Tifa 1:40
Nausicaa 2:40
Kaname 3:00
Rena 5:25
Dante & lady 6:25
Cloud 9:14
Yoruichi 13:15
Lancer 14:40
Saber 16:10


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