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K-Chan / Nov 11, 2015

Well guys Diadem is very new to us all but this is what we know so far.

Hard unlocked from S21/22 - maybe others?

Can get 210 from normal mode

Mobs do respawn

"Fresh Tracks" can spawn higher rank mobs - we got Vs and S ranks

Fuck those cloud pelicans

S rank spawn message is global across the zone

Shared loot - multiple parties can get (individual to their party) treasure chests from the same boss

Can get multiple drops outta gold chests, though the quality varies

Unwanted aetherial gear traded to Trader npc @ 8,18

i150 = 1 brass spoil, i180 = 2, 210 = 3

T4 materia 15 spoils, T5 battle materia 48

If you're missing the exploration achieve, fly over each landing zone (red dot on map), they have tiny patches of fog of
war which is easily missable

new mat Sphalerite on Mining node is L60 1*

Completing (normal mode) 3 objectives got us 40 eso.

easy to cheese the Pure White objective, just aggro surrounding mobs while flying, have someone ninja it.

K-Chan / Nov 01, 2015
Hello, thank you everyone that was a lot of fun I will have a video up tomorrow hopefully, congrats to our 3 winners.

Please don't forget there is a screenshot contest on at the moment running until nov 10th if you would like to be apart of the contest please post a screenshot HERE, The winner will get 150k gil


In other news warriors of darkness recently went to a cosplay event held by the FCU and I have just posted the video in my forum channel HERE under the ffxiv section. but for thos lazy peeps haha ill link it as a watchable video.
Luffy 0:30
Tifa 1:40
Nausicaa 2:40
Kaname 3:00
Rena 5:25
Dante & lady 6:25
Cloud 9:14
Yoruichi 13:15
Lancer 14:40
Saber 16:10
K-Chan / Oct 26, 2015
3.1 Video

3.1 Airship Notes

FCs can bring a maximum of 3 airships (24 people - 3 full parties) to the islands.

•Each difficulty requires a certain level airship to enter.

•Easy = 10
•Normal = 25
•Hard = 50

•Ishgard Can go in a party of 1-8.

•As long as there are at least two people IN the Free Company is hosting the airship, you can invite non-FC members to join your FC’s expeditions.

•Multiple instances for the islands so travel at the same time.

•If the Airship is on a voyage, it cannot be used to travel to the islands.

•The Diadem

•Every 20 minutes the airship returns after being used.

•You have 90 minutes within the instance and a 30 minute cooldown before you can return. There is no loot limitation and besides the 30 minute cooldown you can go to the island as often as you want.

•Idea behind the cooldown seems to be to give people the chance to take a break or do other content.

•The map is very large. It's less about clearing and more about exploring.

•Remember, you’ll be able to fly around the map as well.

•If the cooldown proves unpopular, it will be removed. will be removed.

•Every instance of the islands can hold up to 9 full parties. Multiple instances are available to allow people to join even if the max is reached.

•The first party that attacks the enemy will be claimed, but anyone can help.

•Damage required to get rewards, not enmity. This means you’ll actually have to fight it and not just spam flash.

•All-Greed system will be in place. If you go with a FC (pre-made parties) you’ll be able to set your own loot system

•Jobs can be changed freely so to prevent Ninja’ing items by changing the jobs they set it to all-greed.

•Points system will be implemented for players to trade in unwanted gear on the islands themselves or earn them out in the world.

•Items can be spiritbound to obtain materia.

•Gathering nodes on the islands.

•Esoterics can be obtained on the islands as well.

•Flying will need to be unlocked every time you enter. That is why it only takes 5-10 minutes.

•Goal is to actually make you explore the initial island you land on before traveling to other islands.

•Think of it more as warming up.

•Remember there are multiple islands you can land on.

•If you complete the goals on your duty-list you will be rewarded esoterics.

•The rank of the enemy will be marked on their name plat.

•Seems to be using Roman Numerals

•I see I, II and V on the list so far.

•Island exclusive items for gatherers.

•Minimum level 57 to gather here.


•Items you can exchange for points

•Showed them fighting a rank II mob and beating it quickly.

•Seems this was a “god mode” not an actual representation of the mob’s strength.

•Deep Mist Defender’s Breeches is the name of the item that dropped.

•Treasure chests will drop right after defeating the enemy.



•Gold (Highest reward)
K-Chan / Sep 24, 2015
Warriors of Darkness [R2D2] Have been invited to participate in the FCU Cosplay Event Held by FC [Home].
Hello [R2D2].

Please join us on October 18th for our 1st CosplayEvent to be held at the Dupree Clan FC house in Ward 1, Plot 41 of The Goblet!

Times for the events are listed below:

1st cosplay showing:

GMT +1 (London): 12pm
GMT +2 (Paris): 1pm
GMT -5 (New York): 7am
GMT -8 (Las Vegas): 4am
GMT +9 (Tokyo): 8pm
GMT +8 (Kuala Lumpur): 7pm
GMT +10 (Sydney Australia): 9pm

2nd cosplay showing:

GMT +1 (London): 10pm
GMT +2 (Paris): 11pm
GMT -5 (New York): 5pm
GMT -8 (Las Vegas): 2pm
GMT +9 (Tokyo): 6am (oct. 19th)
GMT +8 (Kuala Lumpur): 5am (oct 19th)
GMT +10 (Sydney Australia): 7am (oct 19th)

There will be 6 winners total! 2 winners will be announced at each showing and the last 2 will be announced via pics submitted viw forums that will go live on October 18th just in case you can't make the event you'll still have a way to show off ur cosplay! The winner of this form will be based on community votes! Top 2 will walk away with prize.

Those interested in taking part in the cosplay fun can signup here for a chance to win some cool prizes!

We'll also be giving away prizes all day via raffle which you can learn how to enter here.

Finally the prizes which you can expect to be given away during this event!